Small Business SEO Several Ways To Simplify Your Weekly Strategy 2023

Small Business SEO Several Ways To Simplify Your Weekly Strategy 2022

Small Business SEO Multiple Ways to Simplify Your Weekly Strategy

Any small business owner can use to develop a simple weekly SEO strategy.

SEO doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here are a few tips that any small business owner can use to develop a simple weekly SEO strategy.
I doubt many small business owners wake up in the morning and think to themselves, “I can’t wait to do some killer SEO today!”
If SEO crosses a small business owner’s mind in the morning, it is usually accompanied by feelings of dread and confusion.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
Contrary to what most people think, SEO is actually quite simple.


SEO doesn’t have to be overwhelming.


Want to increase your visibility on Google? You can now make one of hundreds of changes to your website.
There are also hundreds of websites, blogs, and online courses designed to teach SEO.
There are dozens of resources that promise to help you do everything from streamlining content marketing to boosting your search rankings.
Then there are books, podcasts, webinars, events, and conferences.
Becoming an SEO expert requires months, even years, of a steady commitment to learning. And the cherry on top is the fact that Google can (and does) decide to change its algorithm at a moment’s notice.



When it does, the clock starts again, and you have to relearn SEO practices and rules.
As intimidating as SEO is, many small business owners simply decide not to worry about it.
Either they spend way too much time hiring someone else, or they just don’t deal with it at all.
The first method takes a large part of the already limited budget.
The second method controls digital marketing and exposure, which results in less sales.
But here is the truth:
SEO doesn’t have to be overwhelming.
Most of the information, tips, and tricks you see circulated in the industry are nothing more than noise.
When you learn to stop these distractions, you will realize that SEO success ultimately comes down to doing a few good things.
For best results, create a weekly SEO plan and stick to it. Doing so allows you to align your efforts behind tangible actions that produce tangible results.
Here are six things you should do every week.


Make Two Internal Notes


Content is the driving force behind SEO results. You can optimize your website all you want, but unless you have content, you will never consistently rank for the right search terms.
Many businesses think they only need to publish one blog post every day. In theory, this sounds great. However, it quickly becomes overwhelming.
This leads to missed goals, low morale, and poor blog posts full of mistakes.
You are much better off focusing on developing two blog posts per week. It may not seem like much, but this equates to over 100 posts over the course of a year.
Before you know it, you’ll have an arsenal of content supporting your SEO efforts.

Publish a Guest Blog Post

In addition to publishing content on your website,

In addition to publishing content on your website, you also need to devote time and energy to off-site content in the form of guest blogging. The benefits of guest blogging include:
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Creating backlinks to your website
Strengthening brand awareness.
Aligning your brand with industry leaders.
Building your own brand.
Generating leads and traffic.
Creating social symbols.



You don’t have to go crazy with guest blogging, but it would be good to aim for one guest post per week. This will give you more than 50 valuable backlinks per year.
It also exposes your brand to a new audience several times a month.


Share with Seven Influencers


You must understand the biggest influencers in your industry (and your audience). Set a goal of engaging at least one influencer per day.
Some interactions will be short and sweet, while others will require more time. It could be anything from commenting on an influencer’s blog post to setting up a lunch meeting.
As you engage with influencers, you’ll find that your network grows and your connections become more meaningful.
One of the many indirect benefits of this is that influencers start mentioning you by name, linking to your website, and giving you opportunities to speak, write, or interact with their audience.


Spend One Hour on Google Analytics


It’s smart to spend some time in the Google Analytics space every week.
A 30-minute session at the beginning of the week and another half-hour session at the end of the week will give you time to explore key trends and get a pulse of what’s happening inside your website.


Take One Hour To Optimize Your Website


Based on the feedback you’ve gathered from your time studying your site’s analytics, you can make any necessary adjustments and improvements. For example:
If you notice that your page loading speed is slower than usual and it is affecting your conversion rates, you may want to take some time to speed it up.
You may be missing the mark on your keywords and see little room for improvement. Taking the opportunity to link in some new long-tail keywords and ideas can boost your rankings.
Is one product page converting significantly higher than the other? Copying the same template and using it on a lower conversion page can lead to better sales numbers.
Just one hour a week is enough to regularly update and optimize your website so that it works at maximum efficiency.


Spend One Hour Reading About SEO Industry News


Finally, take 10 or 15 minutes a day and read a few reputable articles about SEO and what’s happening in the industry.
Go ahead and bookmark the Engineering Search Journal and make it part of your lunchtime reading!


Wrap it up


This is just one sample approach to SEO, but it shows how easy it really is.
A few minutes each day can give small businesses the kind of results they need to stay competitive.
Try and adjust to your preference.
In the end, a simple approach like this yields much better results than a complex strategy with dozens of moving parts.


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