Marketing ideas for small businesses 2023

Marketing ideas for small businesses 2022

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Free marketing ideas for small businesses.

Promote your business with email signatures

Promote your business with email signatures
Your email signature is a great place to receive a promotional message. I use it to share a link to my latest blog, and I advise clients to use it to promote a special offer with a direct link to the website. Place it above the name field of your signature in a different color to make it stand out.


Use voicemail wisely


If you are in the business of building followers why not record a message asking people to leave a message, then let them know you have a Facebook or Twitter page? It’s another way for people to contact you.


Make sure you are listed in online business directories such as Yell, Yelp, Scoot, Thomson, HotFrog and regional ones such as iBerkshire. It’s easy to think they’re out of style but they can actually help your website’s search ranking and Google and Bing search algorithms like them.


Run the races


Run a contest to collect contact details. You can do this on your own or join a local paper or trade magazine.
If you can’t offer a reward directly, see how your suppliers, partners or complementary business can help you share the value of the reward. Think about how you can get value from the competition in your business, for example by capturing email addresses that you can use for email marketing.

Use email marketing

Communicating with your prospects

Communicating with your prospects and customers is important to remind them that you are there. Email is a great tool if used wisely and done professionally.



There are many free, easy-to-use services like Mail Chimp that can help you organize your data and opt-in (to comply with the law), and send newsletters that work great.
(Learn why an email list is so important — and how to build a great one.)


Go to social media


The main things you will need are interesting stories, good pictures or videos and time. Carefully choose the social media tools that are right for your business – you may need a combination to suit what you do.
For example, if you make or sell food or beautiful art then use Instagram and Pinterest to share the photos. If you’re in the professional services world, use Twitter or LinkedIn.
My advice is to do one well before moving on to another. You will also need to participate. Social media works in two ways and don’t forget the forums where you can participate in the conversation and make suggestions.


Claim your listings on Trip Advisor


If you are in the hospitality and travel industry then Travel Advisor is a must. It’s a very powerful referral tool and a convenient way to get others to do the hard work for you.
A good business ensures that the product and service are delivered flawlessly every time, however important it is if you go down this road.


Piggyback events


Keep an eye on what’s going on in your local community, or industry. Are there any prizes you can enter? Can you participate in events and host a workshop, offer taster sessions, or even become a venue? If you can add value to their event they will promote you in return.
There are many organizations that want guests, from the WI, Chambers of Commerce, and networking organizations, to established businesses that hold breakfast events for the business community.
Find one with members that match your customer profile and enter a website. And when you’re ready, sign up to give a talk, or find out how to collaborate and create an event that showcases your work to their members.
(Find out how many bonding opportunities — casual and otherwise — are open to moms.)

Ask suppliers for help

Many people overlook this but suppliers depend on you to keep their business going.

Many people overlook this but suppliers depend on you to keep their business going.



If you want to reward loyalty or advertise the product then ask your supplier for a photo that you can use in the press, give away samples, support contests, or help host special customer events that make your customers loyal. to feel special.
Press releases are a great way to get your brand out there, but there is a common misconception that you need to produce a press release to be successful. (You can learn how to write a press release from the results here.)
In fact, you don’t need to make any announcements to get coverage. If you have an opinion send it to the editors of the titles you really want to be in and offer to contribute. Similarly, contribute to a guest post on a blog that is popular with your target audience. It’s a good way to build confidence.


Get started – and keep going!


Whatever free marketing ideas you decide to pursue, my advice is to always make sure you are committed to continuing what you start. Only if you get real results fast.
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