Local Video Marketing Several Ways To Win With Video 2022

Local Video Marketing Several Ways To Win With Video 2022

Local Video Marketing Several ways to make video successful

Grow your small business budget with the help of inbound video marketing.

Grow your small business budget with the help of inbound video marketing. Learn the benefits of inbound video marketing and how to do it.
Strengthen your online and local presence with local video marketing. Learn how to build customer trust across multiple social media platforms.
Since the emergence of YouTube in 2005, the prevalence and impact of video marketing have skyrocketed.
YouTube changed the game by allowing everyday users to upload, publish, and market their video content directly within the search engine.
Today, more than 2.6 billion people use the site.
And YouTube isn’t the only player in town.
Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram all have video marketing capabilities to help businesses get found.
Local businesses can use video marketing to drive traffic, reach more customers, and grow online.
Here are four strategies for building a local video marketing strategy.


The Value of Video Marketing for Inbound Business


Video is a powerful medium for local businesses.
Although many may think that video marketing is too much for internet business, there are many benefits of video marketing in the local sector.


Benefits of Local Video Marketing


Website traffic: Publishing video online and optimizing clicks can drive more users directly to your website.
Revenue growth: Video marketing can influence purchasing decisions and increase revenue for your local business.
Brand awareness: Video exposes your business to a wide variety of users, helping your business get noticed.
Trust and authority: Posting valuable content can build trust with your audience and lend credibility to your business.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Adding videos to your web pages and articles can help your site appear in Google organic or image searches.
Backlinks: Videos can add value to your content and encourage other websites to link to your website, which is good for SEO and referral traffic.
Email Marketing: Videos are a great addition to your email marketing campaign, with more engagement and clicks.
Advertising Many video sites offer paid advertising opportunities to generate even more clicks and revenue for your business.
Local presence: Publishing videos about your community or local events can help you attract more customers in your area, even if online advertising.
Relevance: Creating relevant and engaging videos can further support existing marketing campaigns, educate users about your business, and improve your digital footprint.

How To Succeed With Inbound Video Marketing

Recent studies show that 70% of viewers

Recent studies show that 70% of viewers have made a purchase from a brand after seeing their video on YouTube.
The opportunity is ripe for video marketing, even for local businesses.
Here are a few ways video can work for your local business.



Drive traffic with educational videos


Many small businesses struggle to drive organic website traffic because of their limited resources and reach. Your local business can potentially drive more visitors through SEO with educational video content.
Users are actively searching for information online.
If you can publish and market educational content that is relevant to their interests, you can use the power of search engines like Google and YouTube to grow traffic to your website.
Tools such as researching keywords that users search for on Google and YouTube.
Based on the requirements of volume and level of competition, you can create videos targeting these topics.
Say, for example, you are a small law firm.

You can create educational videos around:


“Tips on Hiring a Divorce Attorney” (260 searches per month).
“Divorce Mediation Tips and Tricks” (170 searches per month).
“Adoption laws” in your state (390 searches per month).
You will need to optimize your video title, description, and YouTube logo for the target keywords you hope to rank for.
You can then publish your YouTube video and embed the video on your website.
This can help drive organic traffic to your website and increase your website’s authority within your industry.


Build Trust in Key Products


Today’s consumers are becoming more suspicious of “scams” and false advertising claims.
Educated consumers are more likely to invest in brands they know and trust.
Video marketing can be a great way to build credibility for your brand.
Product demonstrations and tutorials allow you to demonstrate the benefits and features of your product.
You can show potential customers how they can enjoy your product, use its unique features, and apply it to their daily lives. Sometimes, showing is better than telling!

Repost Video Content Across Social Media

Small, local businesses

Small, local businesses face unique challenges when it comes to marketing.
Often, the market is small and local competition can be tough.
Add to that the fact that many small businesses are tight on marketing resources, and it’s even more important to get the best bang for your buck.
That’s where content editing comes in.
You can essentially “reuse” your entire video content in batches instead of creating individual video assets for playback.
Here is one example of how this works:
You host a Facebook Live video session using your local business’s Facebook page.
You then download the Facebook Live video to your computer for later uploading to YouTube.
You edit your video and publish it on YouTube while also saving unique video clips to social media.
You can share these videos on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
When you’re alive, you’ve uploaded your YouTube video to your last article.
You then link your blog article to your email marketing campaign.
In this case, you turn one video into multiple pieces of content to use on seven different sites (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, website, and email).
You can see how this is a significant time (and money) saver for your video marketing efforts.



Increase Link to Company Bios and Testimonials


Customers often want to feel a close connection with the brand they hope to buy from.
This can be especially true for local businesses close to their community.
Video content can help foster this relationship.
There are several types of visual ideas for building relationships with your customers:
Group Bios
Have members of your business share interesting facts about their interests, experiences, and hobbies to build relationships between users and your company.
Ask existing customers if they would like to provide you with a video testimonial reviewing your products or services. This can help build trust with potential customers.
Host an “ask the [expert]” session so potential customers can learn more about your industry, product, and/or company.
Show your service or product in action with guided experiences (can be live or pre-recorded)
Summary of the event
If there is a popular event in your area, consider recording your experience and adding your comments to the post-event presentation. The event may be searchable on Google or YouTube depending on its popularity.
Community involvement
Does your business host volunteer events, scholarships, or otherwise get involved in your local community? Show your team in action by recording your work and displaying it on your Community Initiatives page on your website.
Facebook Live
Facebook Live offers real-time engagement that you can’t find on many other sites. This allows users to comment, ask questions, and interact in a live digital environment.
Video content adds a personal touch to their marketing.
Cultivate that relationship with potential customers and it may encourage them to visit your local business or online store.


Use Video Marketing to Reach More Local Customers


Video marketing is not only part of online businesses.
Local businesses can also benefit from visibility in certain ways.
While the goal is not to sell online, video marketing can foster connections, trust, and engagement with potential customers.
There are many creative ways to use visual marketing for your local business.
Whether it’s through educational videos, group chats, Facebook Live, or another medium, video is a great way to strengthen your online and local presence.
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