How To Choose The Best Places To Install Your Ad Google AdSense 2022


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How To Choose The Best Places To Install Your Ad Google AdSense 2022

So let’s get started Adsense

make money from a website improving your website for Adsense

So let’s get started Adsense is one of the ways in which bloggers make money from a website improving your website for Adsense is a time-consuming and difficult thing but after getting approved from Adsense there are many bloggers who don’t make the most out of it by just placing ads wherever they want they don’t research about the best ads placement on a website you can place your ads anywhere on your website, this is just a snippet of code that you get from Adsense that you can paste on your website so if you have access to the source code of your website it is just a matter of copying and pasting the ad code snippet into the relevant source files of your website if you are using a CMS then you may have a tool or a plugin that can help you place your ads on your website but before putting up your abs on your website let me just give you an idea of which areas on your website can help you earn more using Adsense ads one of the best places to place your Adsense ads is within the articles so for example if you have a post about something on your website you can just place your ad right after the



introduction of your post or maybe the first or the second paragraph of your post so when the visitor reads the article he will notice the ad between the paragraphs and it is more likely to be clicked there are different types of ads you can choose from inside Google Adsense make sure that you choose the ones that fit in Nice within the articles the other places where you can place your ads is below the navigation bar of your website all the websites out there pretty much have a navigation bar placing the ad just below the navigation bar will help the visitor notice the ad just as he or she enters the web page sometimes Google can also penalize you for putting a lot of ads before the content or if you have ads as the main part of your website so make sure that you only place one ad after the navigation bar if you have any white space on your website make sure to add an ad over there white space doesn’t mean literally the white space but it is any blank area on your website for example if you have a sidebar on your page and you have a long article so in this case the sidebar may have some blank space so you can then place a long vertical image ad on the sidebar of the page make sure that the ad looks good wherever you place it on your

Website you should not mess up the design

advertisements or sponsored links

Website you should not mess up the design of the other elements of the page you can also place your hand after the content or article ends so if the user is interested in the content he will read through the whole article and after finishing reading the article he might also look at the ad after the content so this is also a great ad placement area you should always make sure that you follow all the policies that Google has about the Adsense ads on your website if you’re placing an Adsense and on a website you should make sure that the visitor knows that it is actually an ad you should not deceive the user in any way you should not design the ad or the content in such a way that you cannot tell the difference between an ad and the content you should put labels like advertisements or sponsored links on your ads to let the visitors know that it is actually an ad and you should not force the visitors to click on an ad or say anywhere on your webpage to click on the advertisement make sure that you are not placing a lot of ads on your website there shouldn’t be more ads on your web page than the content on the page the user should be able to easily find what they are looking for on your website if you are not sure of how you should go about placing the ads on your website then there is a new feature in Adsense called Auto ads so if you enable this option then Google will analyze the website and place the ads wherever it feels the best automatically all right so that’s basically


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